Our projects are located in Ghana West Africa; Ghana is an exciting and popular place to spend some time on a volunteer project or internship. Ghana is an intensely colorful land on the West coast of Africa.

DAC Application - Procedures

All our Project placements are totally free including accommodation, transportation from the airport (our driver and project coordinators will pick you up from the airport), orientation and 24hour support from our staff. You can choose to live with a host family or stay in our volunteer houses with other volunteers from all over the World, this is an opportunity for you to make new friends and interact. We have projects all over Ghana so you can choose to volunteer in the urban cities like Accra or Kumasi, orin the Ghanaian countryside living in the community with the locals, our projects gives you the opportunity to explore and understand the Ghanaian people and their culture through the eyes of the people you are helping.Our projects runs throughout the year so you can choose to volunteer with us anytime of the year that is suitable for you; you can volunteer for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of one year.

You don't need any qualification to be part of our projects and volunteer community in Africa, all we need is people with the passion and wiliness to help people who are less fortunate than themselves. Volunteers are needed throughout the year on A wide range of volunteering placements available, Volunteers can choose to work with orphans in our orphanages, teaching in our community schools, medical health care volunteer projects, agriculture projects, construction projects and community sport coaching project.We have volunteer coordinators who will be responsible for you and the other volunteers you will be living and working with, your wellbeing while volunteering with us is our Priority, We make sure your trip is safe and our in-country coordinators and staff will provide whatever support you may need at any step along the way.

The reason why our projects are free is because we are a local NGO and our primary objective is to help make a difference is the lives of the people in the communities we work, and not to make profit like other organizations which are charging thousands of dollars. We value and appreciate the efforts and dedication of each volunteer who worked in our various projects in the past five years, we don’t think it is right for people to pay money before given the opportunity to help people in need.
The only cost involve in this project is your food, we have a cook in the volunteer houses and host families who prepares three meals a day for all the volunteer, If you are a vegetarian or have any allergies this is taken into account when we arrange your placement. Volunteers pay a flat rate of $350 each for two weeks or a month stay for three meals a day, the cost also covers your laundry, drinking water, toiletries and wireless internet access 24-hours a day in the volunteer house so that you can keep in touch with friends and family back home, Our aim is to provide cheap and affordable volunteer opportunity to people like you so that you can help make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate in Africa.

There is no any hidden cost, apart from the $350 for your three meals a day.
 Our program is an excellent opportunity to combine adventurous foreign travel with a worthwhile job as a volunteer. You will improve your transferable skills such as team-working, presentation and communication. Above all, this is an unrivaled opportunity to gain an insight into a completely different culture and way of life. Our projects are not all about work, volunteers get opportunities to explore this beautiful part of West Africa. Elmina and Cape Coast Castle, Kakum National Park and Nzulezo Stilt Village are all within few hours from the community you will be staying in, Ghana offers an array of varying cultures and landscapes including national parks and stunning rain-forests

If you are interested in VOLUNTEERING/INTERNING with us to helping make a difference in the lives of underprivileged people in Africa, Please send us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours: