Journalism Internship Program

When you Intern abroad with Dream Africa Care Foundation , you give a helping hand to poor and under privileged people, communities, and organizations. What many do not realize is that interning on projects can also benefit the volunteer

journalism internship program


If you are planning a gap year or career break and contemplating a job in journalism or the media, a Dream Africa Care Foundation can set you on the right track! Our journalism internships abroad are a great way to enhance your resume, gain valuable skills, and make you stand out from the crowd. Whether you are currently studying journalism or are considering it in college, Dream Africa Care Foundation Journalism intern Projects Abroad will give you unique first hand international journalism experience.

If you are already a practicing journalist, then interning abroad will broaden your horizons and show you a different way of working in journalism against the backdrop of a new and exciting country. You will learn the ins and outs of print or broadcast journalism overseas and may even be able to teach your new colleagues something about how you work at home.

You can choose to work on a print journalism internship - working with an international newspaper or magazine - or on a broadcast internship, where you will work with a radio or TV station abroad. Our journalism internships run year round and have totally flexible dates and durations; whether you want a short-term experience, a unique summer interning opportunity, or a longer term abroad, we can accommodate your needs.

On our Print Journalism placements, you not only get an insider's view of how publications are run, but you will also compile an impressive portfolio to take home with you at the end of your project. This international journalism experience will be a valuable confidence builder and will look great on your resume!

Alternatively, an international journalism internship in Radio or TV will provide you with an array of tapes and discs, as well as a host of broadcasting and production experience. Whichever international journalism internship you choose, you will gain great insight into the workings of the international media in a new cultural and political setting. For most of our journalism internships you don't need any foreign language skills since the publications and stations generally write in or speak English.