Our projects are located in Ghana West Africa; Ghana is an exciting and popular place to spend some time on a volunteer project or internship. Ghana is an intensely colorful land on the West coast of Africa.


  • I am a graduate student at Oxford University After having completed medical internships across the United States and Israel, I was privileged to spend quality time among the people of Ghana I was given the opportunity to be involved with patients in a hands-on manner, which was very educational, and I surely did learn an authentic amount of medical knowledge from my time there. There is absolutely nothing as great as volunteering in Ghana. I was touched by the warm hearts and kindness of the Ghana people, and I was given a chance to give back to the world in a meaningful way. VolunteerProject Africa gave me the chance to volunteer in an orphanage, teach science courses in an underdeveloped school, and work in a busy hospital. The friends I made on this trip will surely last me a life time, and the experience has truly changed my life for the better. Any medical or premedical student looking to make a difference in the world, help out a needy neighbor, and make some great memories with awesome people on the way, should definitely join Volunteer Project Africa. It was an experience of a life time, thank you Dream Africa Care Foundation for the opportunity. .

    Rachael Kirby-Faust 23 years of age USA

  • I was extremely thankful for all the information Jasmine provided to me before I arrived, I emailed most weeks with hundreds of little questions and always received a decent response promptly! It reassured me knowing that I could always send an email when I had any worries!Ben was there when I arrived and waited for me despite me spending hours trying to find my bag! There was a clear sign with my name so he was easy to identify! I loved working at House of Hope Orphanage and all the kids were lovely! It was nice just to spend time with the children talking and playing with them. Really enjoyed it all! All the workers at the orphanage were really welcoming! I enjoyed the visit to the village and giving the children presents (toys, sweets, clothes etc) and seeing their faces when they received them! The safari was the most amazing weekend of my life!! Got picked up on time right outside the volunteer house, our Safari guide was excellent. Great accommodation and food. I recommend it to everyone! You can't go to Ghana and not visiting Mole National park!! Ben the project coordinator was always around the volunteer house to answer any queries or worries. He was able to take me around. Much appreciated! I would definitely recommend this programme to others. I was so nervous before going, especially being young at age 18 and being a female travelling alone. But I had the best 5 weeks of my life! I've only been home a week and already miss it loads!! It's an amazing experience that you won't anywhere else!! Ghana is a lovely country and everyone is very friendly!! There was an informative booklet inside my accommodation packed with stuff to do during time off …this was a great volunteering experience! Thank you!!! .

    Jin Fox 20 years of age USA

  • Jasmine always got back to our team very quickly and answered all our questions that were great and really comforting.Albert was there even though our flight was late and that was very good. I really enjoyed working 2 projects, they were both very different but all of the staff members were very welcoming and allowed us to work with the children in the best way possible. The group got to stay together under one roof so we felt really comfortable. The host family was wonderful. The Kwamefamily was very friendly and welcoming. Getting to know the children and teaching my own class at Hope Academy was really interesting and rewarding. The kids at Nungua were always full of joy. . Thank you so much for everything. I will cherish this experience always and I hope to return someday soon to work with the organization again. Thank you

    Emily Stewards 54 years of age Ireland

  • Pre-departure enquiries were usually replied to on the same day and anything I was unsure about Jasmine helped me understand them! I enjoyed experiencing a totally different culture, meeting the children and meeting other volunteers. It was frustrating that we couldn’t do more to help the children but we did that which was within our capabilities. A typical day would be to wake up by 8am, have breakfast with host family and meet other volunteers. At 9am - arrive at orphanage and say hello to all the children. 10.30 - 1pm working with the youngest children / babies, playing with them, feeding them, entertaining them, supervising. 1 - 2pm lunch. 2pm - 5pm teaching different classes with in between looking after the youngest again. 5pm - home to host family for dinner. Evenings free! Other activities include supervising lessons, lesson planning and preparations. My host was lovely, made me feel really at home. She was very supportive and looked after me as if she were my mom! The food was nice and she always looked for our opinion, was good because we could sample the local food. The accommodation was better than expected, in a newly built apartment! Near an entertainment place! .!

    Brandon Hypes 25 years of age Canada

  • On arrival, I found the volunteer coordinator waiting for me. That was great because it was my first time in Africa. Several other volunteers were doing their placement at the same hospital. I really enjoyed it especially because it had quite a number of specialties. I was able to go round various wards with a team of doctors and was really involved. It's been a real eye-opener. Home Stay: My home stay has been wonderful. I shared a spacious room with 2 other volunteers’ girls from USA and Australia. It was good because we kept each other company and talked late into the night! My host family has been super friendly and kind. They were truly excited to have us staying with them and taught us some Ashati. They have 2 children. The older one is 10 and the younger one is 4 and goes to one of DACF pre-school part of the day. The coordinator was available for questions at all time. He was very professional, reliable and friendly. He gave us the much needed support and consistently went way beyond the call of duty during my volunteer period. This was a very rewarding experience for me. I would definitely volunteer again, and will recommend this experience to others.

    Grace Hart 3o years of age France

  • Superb. I really liked not being hounded and getting my inbox flooded with excessive emails. I received informative emails with the information that I needed, and was told when I would next be contacted. In preparing for experiences like this, sometimes too much info can be overwhelming. The accommodation was very nice. My only complaint is honestly that the food was too nice. It was hard to go home and eat our custom made food when the kids at the orphanage didn't have enough food. As a volunteer group we expressed a desire to have a portion of our food fees be put toward more food for the orphanage instead, because we always had more than enough.

    Mathew Glover 22 years of age Australia

  • I'll definitely never forget these children and the memories we shared and the lessons they taught me about life. The pictures definitely cannot do the experience justice, but hopefully with this little write up the pictures will mean more and become more full of life. Possibly one of the greatest parts of the program was the ability to be immersed into the Ghanaian culture by living with a family. I couldn't have asked for a nicer family. The house was outside of Kumasi in a lower middle-class estate - it contained 3 bedrooms, two baths, electricity and running water. I learned so much from these wonderful people - not only about Ghana, but about life. Yes their life was not full of luxury and riches, but again they couldn't have been happier and didn't ever let on that they would have it any other way!

    Jenna Smith 21 years of age USA